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Recognize the Causes of Brain Infection, Risk Factors and Types

Our central nervous system is actually very strong in resisting the attack of pathogenic germs that cause brain infections. However, this area can also be very vulnerable when germs finally manage to penetrate their defense mechanisms and infection begins. The central nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord, and optic nerve which control the thought processes, movements, and sensations throughout the body. Your central nervous system is protected by the skull, spine, meninges (membranes of the brain), and filtering the blood brain barrier (blood brain barrier) in charge of blocking certain substances from being carried into the brain tissue or spine, causing brain infections. However, the central nervous system actually does not have enough antibodies to fight germs and prevent brain infections, compared to other areas of your body. This is why once pathogenic germs (disease-causing microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, or fungi) manage to penetrate the def
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Know the Causes of Itching in the Feet

Itching can occur anywhere, no exception in the soles of your feet. The feet are very prone to itching because some people often let their feet sweat, and use various types of footwear. In addition, several things that can cause itching in the soles of the feet such as fungal infections in the feet or tinea pedis (athlete's foot), humidity, the environment that causes dry skin, bacteria, viruses, insect bites, scabies or mite infections, and others. In the medical world, itchiness that irritates and makes someone want to scratch it is known as pruritus. Itching in the soles of the feet can not be considered trivial, because it can interfere with your daily activities. Itching is often a symptom of certain diseases, but if left untreated or if itching is often scratched it can cause secondary infections due to scratching wounds. This Causes Itching on the Feet Itching on the soles of the feet can be caused by several things, including: Fungal infections of the feet or tinea p

This List of Smoothing Foods and Enhancing Breast Milk Quality You Need to Know

Breast milk is the best food for your baby, and breastfeeding is the healthiest way to feed your child. However, some women have problems when breastfeeding, such as breast milk that is only a little or not come out at all. If you experience something like that, there's no need to panic. Because there are some breast milk foods that you can consume, including salmon, low-fat dairy products (cheese, yogurt, or milk), wheat, fruits, vegetables, and others. Breast milk is very important for your baby, because breast milk is a complete food. Breast milk contains at least 400 nutrients, hormones, and compounds to fight diseases that are not in formula milk. The nutrients contained in breast milk are even able to adjust the baby's needs as he grows. Breastfeeding regularly and correctly can stimulate milk production by itself. The body naturally produces breast milk when there is stimulation of the baby when suckling. Balanced nutritional intake and drinking enough water is actua

Know the Types and Ways to Eliminate Birthmarks

For some health reasons, someone who has a birthmark might do a way to get rid of birthmarks. It is intended that the birthmarks that appear can fade or disappear. Some people have birthmarks of different colors, shapes and sizes from birth. Until now, the cause of the birthmark can not be ascertained. However, birthmarks on certain parts of the body are often considered to interfere with the appearance so it feels need to be removed. Types of Birthmarks Birthmarks are divided into two types, pigmentary birthmarks and vascular birthmarks. Pigment birthmarks appear due to an excess of pigment, whereas other vascular signs appear because there are abnormal blood vessels under the skin. Pigment birthmark Pigment birthmarks are divided into 3 types namely moles, café au lait spots or milk coffee stains, and Mongolian spots. Birthmarks in the form of moles are generally small, round in shape and brown in color. This type of birthmark is usually not dangerous, but you should be awar

Difficult to Determine, Here Are Some Factors to Cause Baby Sungsang

The condition of a breech baby is usually only confirmed at week 35 or 36 of pregnancy, through physical examination confirmed by ultrasonography or ultrasound. Although in many cases, the cause of a breech baby cannot be ascertained, there are a number of factors during pregnancy that are known to cause the condition. Generally approaching childbirth, the baby is in a position ready for birth ie, the baby's head is below or near the birth canal. However, in the breech position, the baby's head in the womb is on top with the location of the feet leading to the birth canal. Actually, breech babies can be born normally, but this condition increases the risk of disruption to the health of the baby during childbirth, such as disability to loss of life. A Number of Factors Causing Baby Sungsang In most cases, the position of a breech baby is often difficult to determine the exact cause. However, there are a number of factors that are known to cause breech babies, including: C